Sunday, June 29, 2008

For the first time in the history of Singapore's cheerleading sceen, 5 very different cheerleaders from very (almost) different backgrounds are coming together to perform a routine.. for charity !

Date: 28 June 2008 (sat)
Time: 5pm

Venue: NTU Alumni Club ( Bona Vista )

Audience : Many small children !

The lineup for this performance is ....

Chaang , Team Spectrum

Zhiliang, former Magnum Force

Vincent, Representing VJC Knights.

Yirong, NTU ACES ( i wanted to put her bow and arrow pic lor .. )

Joy, TP Blazers

5 different cheerleaders. 5 different uniforms. 5 different teams. 1 fantastic routine!

*thanks to Ken (aka baybay) from Blazers for coming down to our training to help!

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