Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Invitation to Participate in the Kindness Competition 2008

Greetings from Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM)! We are proud to announce that SKM has turned 10 years old on 15 November 2007. The SKM is organizing our annual Kindness Cheer Competition. This is part of our continuing efforts, to spread the Kindness and Courtesy message to the school children.
3 We believe this competition can help to raise the awareness and instill in the young the need to be kind and courteous from a tender age. At the same time, the competition will provide an opportunity for students to exhibit their creativity and build teamwork and to bond with one another.
4 The Kindness Cheer Competition will focus on the following themes this year: · “Kindness, Pass it on” · “Kindness is in all of us” · “Kindness brings happiness” It can be on kindness to families, friends or peers, neighbors and even to animals and environment. You are allowed to choose only one theme for the cheer. You may wish to include these slogans in your cheer.
5 We would like to extend invitation to all Primary, Secondary and for the Tertiary Schools to participate in this competition.

The details of the preliminary round for the Singapore Kindness Cheer Competition 2008 are as follows:
- Event : Kindness Cheer Competition 2008 (Preliminary Round) For all Primary, Secondary and Tertiary/Open Category (Polytechnic, Junior College, ITE, University, Clubs)

Dates : 12 and 13 March 2008
Time : (to be confirm)
Venue : (to be confirm)

6 There will be three categories of winners namely, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. There will also be special awards for Best Cheer, Best Choreography and Best Costumes. All participating schools will receive a certificate for participation.
7 All winners will get a chance to perform at SKM functions.
8 Attached are the participation form and the rules and regulations of both competitions for your reference. We will be sending out posters to your school in a later date. You may wish to fill up the attached participation form and fax it to us at 6837 9439 by Monday 28 January 2008 or earlier. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Lam Chi Man at 6837 9885/6 or email mica_skm_secretariat@mica.gov.sg should you require further information.

For more details, you may visit our website at www.singaporekindness.org.sg.
We look forward to your continuing support.
Thank you.

Kindest regards, Ms. Lam Chi Man

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