Friday, November 30, 2007

hello all! hows exams? i noe some of u are still mugging hard, mine ended already! hahahah...

anyway regarding our new uniforms, i was wondering if u gals wanna haf something diff frm the traditional cheer uniforms? coz i saw some cheer dance costumes worn by damn hot cheer dancers, which chaangru said is diff frm cheer stunts, but i think their designs r v nice n sexy! but a bit too sexy lah, we can modify, use parts of their designs and come up w something decent yet unique.

here are some pics:

(long-sleeved ones)
No. 1:

No. 2: kinda like e star on e bottom

No. 3: design not bad

No. 4: model a bit chuiNo. 5:

No. 6: too hot!

(short-sleeved ones)

No. 7: i like! got a ring connecting top and bottom.. and the arm band thingy too

No. 8: erm skirt not bad?

No. 9: hmm too hot also

No. 10:

(more decent ones)

No.11: i like this! nice.. maybe we can do a one piece uniform like this with a "hole" in e middle.. haha

No. 12:

No. 13: damn cool rite? love e side cuttings.. maybe can incorporate this kinda cutting on our uniforms too

anyway, here's e link with many hot babes, big boobs and endless legs, check it out guys! (as requested by mr CR)

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