Friday, November 23, 2007

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Hi Chaangru, Please join and support Singapore's bid for Youth Olympic Games 2010!

As mentioned, it's a very simple contest we're having. Just print and cut out the torch image (right click and save) and shoot a short video clip 15 - 30 secs showing the torch moving left to right (be creative!!). 20 people will have a chance to win $100 cash for 15 secs of their time! The top 20 videos will be stitched together to form a final movie. You can use your handphones to shoot your short clip and email to me or upload at our website.I even have ready made postcards of the torch, just tear out and shoot. Let me know if you want some of those so you don't have to print and cut! I'll even mail them to you!
Here are some simple ideas to spark your creativity:

1) (literally) pass the torch from left to right as in a 400m relay
2) stick it on a soccer ball and kick it to the right
3) get your nephew or niece to hold and kick scoot from left to right
4) (for the hardcore) do an animation of a ufo beaming it up and out of screen
5) put it on a sushi conveyor belt or some kinda travellator you can find
6) Put it on a kite and let it fly left to right~~

Good luck and have fun ok! Help me forward to all your friends, juniors, students, etc!! Thanks a million! After your exams we can work on partnership - let me know what kind of activities u do and how u think we can work together. I can provide media support and editorial support on Youth.SG as long as it's relevant to youth.Feel free to contact me for more details~

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