Friday, August 18, 2006

So what do you do when an events company refuses to pay you your dues?

You sue the serious bullshit out of them !

Chaang's guide to filing a claim at small claims tribunials.

1) make your way to apollo towers at chinatown.
2) Pay $4.80 for a copy of the Registry of Companies (ROC)
3) Make your way to the subordinate courts located just across the road
4) Get a queue number under 'enquiries'.
5) Make your case known. The counter lady will then ask you to fill up a claim form.
6) make 4 copies of the claim form, 1 copy of your contract and 1 copy of the roc.
7) pay $50. by nets/cash. You will then receive a consultation date should the other party refuse to pay.
8) you're done!
9) ** run away from all irritating reporters who wish to find out more about your case. No comments.



Yva said...

Boss u look gd in that pic!!! haha.

chaang said...

because i covered my face rite !!?!