Tuesday, May 23, 2006


(*In no order of perference)


Kangjun = ok
chaang = ok
weida = did it on the first attempt !
david = ok
isaac= came late due to his overwhemling fan club 'qian ming hui' just to flip but still, ok
lawerance = almost there !
edward= still working at it
eddie the great = can do round-off, back hands spring, back tuck but simply cannot flip up.
nicole= was running too late to try
regine= lost too much weight due to food poisoning because of something she ate ( and cooked) so couldn't try.
delan = too traumatised after stretching to try
vanessa (*meow) = i couldn't remember what she was doing
ning = too shy to try.


Kang Jun said...

wat u mean ok? eh... i is ZAI ok... hahahah... the grand master of flips hor... hahahahhaha... not like some eddie.... CMI!!!!!!!!!!

chaang said...

ya ya ya. and when our mats come on thur he'll own you with his back tuck and back hands spring. den it's your turn to up-level liao!

Kang Jun said...

hahaha.. ya lor.. so while the mat not here yet i muz treasure the time i haf to laff at him.. hahahah..