Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Taken from FCS website:

Singapore’s Cheerleading National Team

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Good Day to All Coaches/Team Managers, INITIATIVE TO FORM SINGAPORE’S VERY OWN CHEERLEADING NATIONAL TEAM The Federation of Cheerleading Singapore is proposing the formation of our very own local Cheerleading National Team. In lieu of the upcoming IFC Cheerleading World Championships 2011, which will be held in Hong Kong in Mid November, we are well-positioned and well-timed to field a team of the best cheerleaders in Singapore to compete. FCS is excited to announce that we are holding our National Tryouts on the 16th AND 17th April, from 10am to 4pm. Venue will be confirmed again. Please be informed that players considered for the National Team would have to follow these guidelines: 1) Commitment to 2 trainings a week (Tuesday Nights and Saturday Mornings, subject to location availability) 2) Availability for competition during 2nd or 3rd week (To be confirmed) of September 2011 for the 3rd Asian-Thailand Cheerleading Invitational 2011, held in Nimibutra Stadium, Bangkok Thailand. 3) Availability during 1st 3 weeks of November 2011 (To be confirmed) for the 6th IFC Cheerleading World Championship 2011, Hong Kong. The Co-Ed National Team is planned to consist of 9 Males and 7 Females and 4 reserves. Team Players will be sponsored by FCS and its partners/sponsors for overseas competitions with adhering conditions. We would like to appeal to the Coaches/Team Managers to assist in the formation of the National Team by recommending players from their respective teams to send for the tryouts. The tryouts criteria for both male/female players will be released shortly. As this is the first time a National Team is formed by way of selecting from the entire pool of cheerleaders in Singapore, we would like to appeal to players to step forward to represent their country in this initiative. With the talent exhibited in the 2nd SNCC 2011, the Singapore National Team is projected to do well in the upcoming championship(s) on the International Stage! _________________________________________________

Anybody interested? :)


Ong said...

haha.. the training days are same as wc training days..

sam prawn said...

have you guys been going to wc trainings???!!!

Ong said...

haha.. no.. studying!