Monday, September 13, 2010

HI GUYS!!!! This is a post I created a looooooooooooong time ago but I could never upload the video... if anyone can help me please feel free to let me know. SO below is the post i made EONS ago...

Hey guys!! As some of you guys must have known by now, spectrum had a wild and happening 3 days performance at CLARKE QUAY for SINGTEL F1 ROADSHOW from 9 to 11 September. It was some adrenaline pumping whopping FIVE minutes performance, twice a day, 6 performances in total.

It wasn't easy for us to deliver such jaw dropping action; we only had a week to train in between two recruitment performances and the last week became a blur for us, trying out new stunts, mixing music and learning new dance moves. But everything came through in the end through the efforts and determination of the ever so good looking spectrum members as we took on the task with our humour and camaradarie.

So here are the videos (the so-so ones only, we are keeping the best ones for our own viewing pleasures) so ENJOY!

Special thanks to EVERYONE who came down to support us: Charmaine, Siyi, Alex, Uncle, Jieying, Congyan, Sheun Ming, Barney, Chun Cher, ah fu's union juniors (I think), san san's friends with the birthday surprise (and left her drunk), Varon's friends and my family and friends! (and anyone I left out too, I didn't mean to!)

and cos the video is taking so long to upload, PLEASE look out for us for our recruitment performance for hall 13 this coming thursday!! (yah you can see how long ago I typed this post..)

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