Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello peeps.. Here are the pictures and videos about the Flashmob that happened at Scape on 19th June 2010. (Apparently we broke some Singapore Record I think but who cares..)

(Auntie Sussie so nice come support us)

(Yang Yang getting advice from Grandmaster Chaang)

The btoss only came on the 3:36 of this video.
We are the 5th btoss but its hard to count because a lot of us got the timing all wrong! We are the one on the top right corner of the video frame.

1st btoss : Yang yang toe touch (Success)
2nd btoss : Yang Yang pike (Never go up :( )
3rd btoss : San back tuck!! (okay.. but tuck faster!!)
4th btoss : Yang yang (did go up but dunno do what.. we got the timing wrong already)
5th btoss : San lazy to go up.. (just kidding... timing wrong so we missed it)

Good job for those who went for the performance. Keep it up and improve on the btoss. Yang yang make a vow that she must know how to do btoss back tuck, if not she dun graduate. ^_^

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