Monday, May 03, 2010

This blog is so dead during exams period.

SO! i'm here to create some buzz, although nothing related to cheerleading.

it's more like kung fu vs robots. lol.

Ok guys what i'm trying to say is GO WATCH IP MAN 2!! watch it now! or......right after your last paper! really nice, emotional and fill you up with the pariotic spirit of being a chinese. Donnie Yen is cool to the max - upright man, responsible husband, loving father, dedicated teacher and loyal friend. sounds like the perfect man huh? movies are always liddat ma....

ya, but anyway, do watch it.

I caught iron man 2 as well. and it's nothing but a highly egoistic, irresponsible, full of himself, filthy rich guy showing off his properties and technology. bah~ ip man wins hands-down, in terms of the movie content la. not like, win in a fight or something.

N.B. what i've just stated are my personal opinions and not representative of spectrum. of course, different people have different opinions so please do not take this to heart.

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