Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey peeps, as mentioned, theme for the upcoming HO is 'Fashion'. And as you all know, fashion also has its many genres. For our team, we'll be going for the 'Futuristic' look. Reason: its more powerful, and easier to relate to our fast-paced stunts and routine.

And to accomodate to the theme, we'll be changing the team uniform. The floor is open to all YOU ppl who have any idea on what YOUR uniform would look like. Submit your creative ideas and post them on the blog! Don't be afraid to send in crazy designs, the more the merrier ;)

Givenchy, spring/summer 2009
Think space-age, science-fic, astronaut suit, robotics, hi-tech, the galaxy, the universe......
However, we'll be sticking to our hall colours: Orange, white, and gold or silver.
Go according to the likes of lines/strips, cut-outs, exaggerated shoulders, asymmetrical designs, zippers, funky collars, patent/shiny/metallic materials, etc etc etc.

Manish Arora, spring/summer 2009
Take it as a stress-relieving and relaxing break out of your studying hours.
Looking forward to your designs! =)

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