Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happy birthday yang yang!!!!
may you stay healthy, free of injuries and sweet always =)

pictures taken during training:
(some not well-taken due to poor lighting/cui camera)

20 yr old!!!

thanks yang yang for being part of Spectrum =)

thanks dee for buying the cake. its pretty!

and delicious! lol!


We've all been cheering together for at least one year now.

From the time when the juniors came in with totally no background and a lot of passion,
to what we are now - Bonded and united.
Now, let us all pass this spirit down to the new members of Spectrum.
Guide them in whatever ways we can,
grow together as a team,
teach each other,
learn from one another,
encourage each other,
cheer together.

I know we can be stronger.

Let's reach out for greater heights in the following year!

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