Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey ppl, I think it is time we get a little more serious and pick up our pace.

I'm not against kidding around when not doing stunts. In fact, I'm a big fan of that. But up on a stunt, I try to give it my all. The thing is, lately we have been wasting stunts away, and we dun seem to be bothered by it.

In this routine, we are doing lotsa transitions. It doesn't matter that we hit all pyramids individually during training. If we failed one transition, it is equivalent to failing the pyramid that follows. Right now, we have no transition that has 50% hit rate yet. What worries me is that we were still laughing when we failed a stunt/transition.

We are going to start running the routine soon. It's gonna be tiring and there will def be mistakes when we try to catch up with the music. It would be worse if we din make sure that our stunts and transitions have a higher hit rate outside the routine.

I know all of us are working hard now. Let's work even harder for the next 2+ weeks!

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