Monday, August 13, 2007

Good job people, on the performance on Sat. The stage was reali small but we did the best we could.

Here are some of the pics that we took before and after the performance. Will post more when I have time.

See how thin we all are??? Spectrum bases are just so lucky!!!

4 of our cool bases... It's weird how KJ and Uncle Law look so short here...

Now that I mention the word 'short', I think this pic speaks for itself... PS: I left the pic horizontal so that the 'vertical difference' won't be so obvious.

I usually give in to my shorter friends by bending my knees, and encouraging them to tiptoe.

The differences are obvious: CR's arms are bigger than mine. CR is darker than me. CR's chest is bigger than mine. CR is (sightly) taller than me... The biggest difference is, I'm better-looking.

The Angel and the D_ _ _ _ . (fill in the blank)

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